Sunday, December 4, 2011

Following the "Yellow- Blog" Road...

YESTERDAY I had what Oprah would call an “AHA” moment. The fact that I needed to start a blog crystalized in my head so clearly that I just knew it was my destiny. See WHAT HAPPENED WAS…last night, I was talking to my daughter-in-law about blogging as I was digging through my old writer’s notes & articles trying to find a specific topic that applied to my 6-year-old grandson. In addition to the deep love of my grandsons, Em and I also share a great love for the written word. The conversation eventually led back to the newspaper column I used to write. This was years before I knew Emily and she was curious. That’s where the seed was planted.

As I was going through my day today, I remembered just how much I enjoyed writing my humor column. As a teenager I was a HUGE fan of Erma Bombeck and my column was a cross between her style of writing and sharing funny anecdotes of my upbringing in the 60’s in the Deep South. I wasn’t writing for a living at the time. I had a whole different career, but the weekly column was a labor of love for me. For you younger folks this was back before we had what we used to refer to as “THE WORLD WIDE WEB”. Heck, the word “Blogger” wasn’t even invented yet!!! And yes, that does make me feel old, but honestly it wasn’t that long ago. (Although not nearly as old as I felt when my youngest son Caleb asked me one day, “Momma, did you live in the time when everything was still black & white”.) Of course I realize now that he thought LIFE was black & white and not just television, but I digress… as I’m prone to do.

It never entered my mind to become a Blogger. I mean I live in the Deep South and NOT in a very urban area so there isn’t exactly a plethora of bloggers in my area. Dollars to donuts most folks around here don’t really even know exactly what they do. (When I told my Daddy I was gonna start a BLOG, he thought it was some sort of Irish dance step.) I’m hoping I can convince my daughter in law to contribute from time to time as well as my son Garrett, who is also has the gift of story-telling. Sprinkled in with some other interesting folks in my life.

As I type this, I can see my family & friends reading it & thinking to themselves: “When in the HECK does she think she’ll have time for BLOGGING for Pete’s sake?”. (One of my friends described me to another friend yesterday as “the busiest person I know”). Well, to be perfectly honest, I ‘m not certain of the answer. But one thing I AM certain of is that my love for writing, cooking, crafting, picture taking & story telling has lead me down the blogging road. It may not be paved with yellow bricks, but I’m skipping down it anyway. Just hope the FLYING MONKIES don’t come around to get me.

Hope you enjoy my blog & feel free to leave me comments or share a great idea anytime!!!

Take good care,
Yellow brick road

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