Friday, March 23, 2012

Hello Sunshine!

I've decided lately that I must suffer from the syndrome where you get depressed if you don't have enough light.  Guess I could never live in Seattle or any other rainy climate. It's been a gloomy/rainy few weeks down here in South Louisiana but today the SUN IS SHINING!!  Boy, how we appreciate the beautiful weather after not having it for a while. I guess that's a metaphor for life as a whole.  We take so much for granted until we no longer have it.

This is a picture from my front door this morning.  My sweet puppy, Lucy, is enjoying the sunshine too!  She's lying in the grass, sunning herself.    Maybe our four-legged souls suffer from the same maladies as their 2 legged friends.    

I sure am thankful for the sunshine.   Thanks be to GOD for providing such a beautiful place for us to live & WELCOME SPRING!!!!

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