Sunday, December 4, 2011


If Ever a Wiz There Was....

Much like Dorothy Gale, I’ve encountered a few delays & distractions whilst traveling down this “yellow-blog” road. Nothing as exciting as lions or scarecrows (mostly deadlines & clients) but I do feel as if I’ve been sleeping in a field of poppies because I can’t believe it’s been a month since my first/last post! This weekend is my favorite holiday of the year. Mostly, because we get to enjoy family & food without any expectation for gifts, wrapping, shopping or decorating.

I kicked off the holiday by bringing my two sweet grandsons, Eddie (6) & Noah (3) to the movies. All was well for the first 16.5 minutes of the movie. Just enough time for Noah to eat every single kernel of popcorn and gummy bear in his kid pack & very loudly sip the last drop of his drink, at which point he turned to me & loudly informed me “Doda, I wed-y to go home now”. Although Eddie, being 6, was totally engrossed in the 3D version of Arthur Santa, much of it was over Noah’s head. But he managed to keep himself entertained for the rest of the movie by practicing his elf-ninja moves and dunking his 3-D glasses into the “basketball net” aka: drink holder. Afterwards, a trip to the mall food court for their favorite food, low mien noodles, was followed by a carousel ride in lieu of seeing Santa (who apparently had a North Pole emergency since was 20 minutes late getting back from his ”out feeding the reindeer” break).

Despite having raised three sons, I’ve forgotten how much energy little boys have. I was EXHAUSTED and needed to sit a minute, which is why, on the way out of the mall, I treated us all to one of those $1 -3minute auto-massage chair treatments. After a full day, it was the best $1 I’ve ever spent. Initially, Noah was confused about  his "wiggly chair".  As it bloomed into full blown vibrations, Noah  launched into this contagious laughter that was so precious. Everyone standing around seemed to turn smiling to watch his pure joy for the entire 3 minutes! Of all the time & money I’d spent on them today, it was the $1 massage chair that he enjoyed the most.  Who needs the great Wizard of Oz?  It was my 3 year old grandson who reminded me, in this season of reflection, that it truly is the simplest things, in the end, that matter most!

Now I’m heading into the kitchen to make a wonderful Thanksgiving feast fit for The Great Wizard himself! I’ll be posting pictures & recipes soon.
Happy Thanksgiving to all!
Take good care,
Cindy Gail

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