Sunday, December 4, 2011

Happy BIRTH-MAS!!!

Tonight my hubby & I brought our middle son, Garrett, to one of our favorite places in Baton Rouge to eat, Pinettas. On the outside it's sort of a hole in the wall....just a tiny restaurant (European fare)... loads of character. They don't advertise. Mostly locals know about it. We've been going there for years. It's one of my favorite lunch spots when meeting my boys over the years since it's so close to LSU. We were celebrating Garrett's 26th birthday which happens this week & Christmas since he'll be traveling until Christmas Eve (so this occasion his dad calls "Birth-mas"). Plus, Garrett is crossing off one of his "bucket-list" items tomorrow by running a 1/2 marathon & needed to carb load, so lasagne fit the bill! It is THE BEST lasagne ever, anywhere, hands down!

It's hard to believe that it's been almost 26 years since my little Christmas package arrived in this world. Garrett was the best baby ever. He was quiet and seemed to know how to soothe himself. Much like he does now.  Garrett is an overcomer. He suffered from childhood epilepsy and is dyslexic. His hardships made him more determined to succeed.  My first reactions as a momma were to smooth out the bumps in the road.  But there are some things even a momma can't do for their children.  But I have seen that these very bumps are what helped Garrett develop the character he has today. I pray for my sons every single day and God opened my eyes years ago that it's not for me to remove the obstacles. It's for me, as momma, to support them through it. To fight their fights for them when they are young, and be their cheerleader & champion when they are older. It's such satisfaction to see him as an adult. He has worked hard to overcome his learning disability to the point that we forget he has one. (I was reminded tonight when we saw his tutor of many years from elementary school at the restaurant). He has a BA from LSU Business School and is currently working on his Masters in LSU in Social Work. He's happy, has a great circle of friends, provides a great living for himself, gives back to his community & enjoys life to the fullest!  He's a great son, brother, uncle and friend.  He knows what he wants out of life and goes out to get it!! He's flying off to Paris on Thursday for almost 3 weeks! I'm so proud of all my sons but particularly, on this day, proud of Garrett Paul. He's such a treasure to me. What a great Christmas gift I received back in 1985...and it's a gift that keeps giving! Love you GPS!!

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