Sunday, December 4, 2011

Black Friday & Death Valley

Even though I haven't taken the time yet to post my Thanksgiving pictures and recipes...I thought I'd seize the moment & talk about my Black Friday experience. My husband, Gary, and I began participating in the day after Thanksgiving Black Friday MADNESS about 4 years ago. Anyone of my friends can tell you that I'm NOT a shopper. At least not in the traditional "walk around" type of way. I'm a cyper shopper from way back. As far back as 9 or 10 years ago I was ordering my entire Christmas list online without ever entering the mall! It’s the way I do my shopping year round. I browse my favorite cyber-spots almost every day and about once a week I hit that "PayPal" button to purchase something. BUT for some crazy reason I began to look forward to 2 things I normally hate every Friday after Thanksgiving: 1) waking up early (very early) & 2) "walk" shopping. I’m not sure if it’s spending quality time with my sweet hubby & the great breakfast we share afterwards or the adrenaline rush of snatching one of those prized DOOR BUSTER sale items out of some little old lady's hands. That being said, my inexplicable enjoyment of Black Friday rush came to a screeching halt this year.

I woke up at 4:30 AM with my back out :( Sooooo, while I was drinking my morning Diet Coke on a heating pad, my hubby left for the madness without me.
Saddened to miss out on all the fun, I did next best thing. I logged onto the web to see what cyber-sales I could snag.

One of my new very favorite sites is "EBATES.COM". WHY OH WHY did I not hear about this site before this year? It's basically a shopping portal to practically every cyber store in the universe that pays you a "commission" ranging for 2-10% cash back on your purchases. In my very limited use thus far I have already wracked up over $50 in COLD HARD CASH! They cut checks every quarter but do a good job keeping you updated on your current credits. Not only do they pay you cash, they also keep track of any special coupon codes or sales that each site is offering. The KEY to this program is you MUST click into each store through the EBATES web site, at which time they issue a special “tracking” code so that they can issue your credit.

That being said, I was very excited to find several of the items on my Christmas shopping list featured in Black Friday cyber sales.... in fact I purchased many of them. Being of a generation born before there were personal computers, the internet or even words like “Cyber Monday”, it STILL AMAZES me that I can spend over $500 while sitting in my BED!!! (Which like so many things in this life, is both a GOOD & BAD thing). It made me happy early today to accomplish so much shopping and I just have to wait for the little brown truck to pull into my driveway & put my packages on my doorstep!

Now I feel like the Christmas season is officially begun!! In fact, my husband is outside on the ladder hanging Christmas lights on the house as I type this! Hmmm, wonder if I can milk this back issue enough to get him to put up the tree as well?
OH never mind, I just remembered the LSU/Arkansas match up comes on at noon today so we'll BOTH be engrossed in watching those Tigers chomp down on a little roasted pork!! On that subject, WE’RE ranked #1 this year & if I hear one more sports announcer talk about a rematch between LSU & Alabama, I’m gonna throw something through the television! We don’t need a rematch… been there, did that… LSU on top! Okay..I’ll simmer down (at least until the game starts)


Take good care,

Lsu vs arkansas

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