Sunday, December 18, 2011

This is what love can do......

I have a heart for animals...mainly dogs.  These precious four-legged souls actually LOVE us more than they love themselves.   They are the most unselfish creatures that would willingly & automatically lay down their own lives to protect their owners.    In return, they only ask for a warm bed, a warm heart, an occasional hug or scratch behind an ear & a good square meal.  Not much I'd say.     

I believe that we will all be answerable for the souls we encounter on this earth some day, and that includes helpless animals.   If my path crosses a helpless dog, I feel like God sent them into my path for a reason.  Dogs don't have human voices to speak, legs to stand upright, or hands to help themselves, make a phone call or knock on a door.  Those who are lost, abandoned, neglected or mistreated depend on humans to look after them.   They are helpless to help themselves.   

Next time you see a stray or underfed or mistreated or abused animal, ask yourself if you were in their place wouldn't you want someone to speak for you! 

This is an animal rescued recently by like-minded friends.   This is what love can do.... Frannie is living proof that YOU & I can make a difference.  One four-legged soul at a time!

FRANNIE before: severely neglected by her owners on the day of her rescue:
 This is Frannie after a few months of proper love & care:

I know some of my friends & family get tired of hearing me harp on this issue sometimes (although MANY of them feel the same as I do) and the rest of them are kind enough to listen. I simply don't understand how folks can turn their hearts OFF to these beautiful creatures.  

Please consider OPENING your heart & home to a four-legged soul this holiday season.  Adopt or foster an animal and see what love can do. 

God Bless,

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  1. Man....I put this up on facebook yesterday too but the way that you did it and the words that you used makes me wanna cry girl! A beautiful story for this pup! Love ya!


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