Sunday, December 4, 2011

My 1 hour & 36 mins With Marilyn

Had a WONDERFUL Birthday today! My AMAZING husband surprised me with my "real" birthday gift!! A shiny, red Kitchenaid stand mixer that I've wanted for ever so long.... AND my sweet middle son, Garrett Paul, treated me to lunch at California Pizza Kitchen & an afternoon movie!! LOVE going to see a show when all the "muggles" are at work (muggles=folks with normal jobs). Anyway...went to see MY WEEK WITH MARILYN.... if you are a Marilyn Monroe OR a Michelle Williams fan, run, don't walk, to see this picture show! If Williams doesn't get an academy nod from this performance, I'll eat my blond wig!! (well I don't have one.. but I'll go buy one & eat it)..hmmpphhh
Heard from all my babies today...Thanks to all my well-wishes today! I'm feeling like ONE BLESSED CHIC today!!!
Take good care,

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