Saturday, January 14, 2012

Touchdowns, Tackles & Tears....

My heart is literally broken that the chances for another Black & Gold Superbowl are not in the cards for us this year.  

But, I'm soo freakin' proud of Drew Brees and the entire Saints football team.  They played with class & worked hard for each & every single yard OF each & every single game.  They played with heart.   Let's not forget that Brees broke NFL records for passing yards, as well as shattering other records.

As anyone who knows me can tell you, I love, love love Drew Brees.  I admire the way he carries himself.  He's not only a great football player, but a great husband & father.  He's a Christian man who is humble and treats others according to the golden rule.   He may not be "in your face" about his beliefs, but he lives it each & every day in the way he deals with his job & life.    I don't know Drew Brees personally but I've been praying for him, his family & his team for years and will continue to do so.

When San Francisco pulled off that last minute TD tonight I didn't cry until the camera panned onto Drew's face. When I saw his glimmering eyes fighting off the tears, I lost it.   What a warrior!

And yes, I do realize that in the big picture of is, after all, ONLY a football game.  But we all should be passionate about something and football is one of those passions for me.   I will continue to pray for my Saints & Drew Brees over the next off season and there's always next year....... THAT IS, UNLESS the Mayans were right after all!   

I wish best of luck to the remaining teams in the playoffs...... oh, heck, who am I kidding?  They can all just SUCK IT!     WHAT??? 

WHO DAT!??????!!!

take good care,



  1. I agree, just a game. The Broncos gave us more then we ever expected. I guess I'm not sure where my passion lies-- not football but enjoy it.Next year.

  2. U are so awesome and an excellent writer. I was in Cinco de Mayo the last 5 min. and probably embarrassed a few people..LOL When does the book come out? XOXOX's


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