Saturday, January 14, 2012

The little salad that could.....

This is one of my favorite little salads to throw together.   It's not too heavy & a delicious family favorite.  


Salad greens (I'm admittedly somewhat of a lettuce snob.   I usually use a mixture of leafy green, spring mix &/or baby spinach.  It really doesn't matter which type but I find it best using something other than regular iceberg.  In fact, the ONLY salad I generally make with iceberg is a blue cheese wedge). 

Add some:
Feta or gorgonzola cheese (crumbled)
Cranberries  or Craisins
Chopped purple onion (some of ya'll northern folks call it a red onion..but we in the south know it's purple)
Chopped nuts of some type.  I LOVE to add pecans for a southern flair. Walnuts are also excellent in this salad.
You can also add some durkees fried onions and some great croutons (I love cracked black pepper & sea salt)

Mix it up with our favorite vinegarette.  This is my latest obsession.  

It's a tad pricey..but OH SO FRESH and delish.  PLUS you get all those wonderful health benefits of pomegranate. 

This is just a simple, great all around salad to have with any meal.  

Bon appetite!

Take good care,

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