Thursday, October 18, 2012


If you read the title to this post, you may think I'm referencing my wonderful husband of 32 years.  Although it is hard to know where I end & he begins after all these years, what I am actually referencing is the second half century of my life.   While I don't anticipate living to see 100, I'm gonna shoot for it anyway.   What's the worse that can happen?   I don't think I even WANT to live to be a 100.  Not unless they come up with some much better anti-aging medication and a way to halt gravity.    Once you start looking at yourself in the mirror naked after age 40, 2 words come to mind:  "GRAVITY WORKS!". 

I'm turning 50 next month.  Wow!  Where HAS the time gone?   Seems like I just got here.   While I'm not very excited at the thought of becoming a 50 something, I'm also not upset about it either.   The wisdom of life really does make you appreciate things more once you get older.   My main issue with the entire idea of it is that I don't really "feel" old!    People say 50 isn't old.... but really?   It's pretty old.   That being said, I fully intend to embrace my 50's.   I look forward to enjoying my next half century of my life.      

Many folks do a bucket list of things they want to do before they die.  Things like jumping out of perfectly good airplanes or climbing Mount Everest.  My list may not seem quite as extreme as that.   It's not so much a bucket list of things to do as a list of changes I'd like to implement in my life.

First & foremost, I'm going to fully embrace the fact that I am not, nor have I ever been, a morning person.  My body just doesn't function well in the morning.  As my sweet husband will attest, I am somewhat of a Grumpy Gill in the morning.   I own it.   Not only do I not wake up ready to seize the day with gusto, I just plain wake up thinking how much I don't want to get up.   My brain and mood are in a negative place in the early hours, but my body also doesn't work well in the morning.  I have joint issues and they all seem to seize up during the night.   Sometimes it feels like the Tin Man.  I need to "oil the hinges" to get going.   So, after many years of raising kids and working that forced me to get up early and get moving, I've finally arrived at a point where I am in control of my own schedule.  No kids to feed, no 9-5 office hours.  Therefore, I recently made the executive life decision that I will NO LONGER agree to or obligate myself to be anywhere before 9 AM.  In fact, I had some appointments that I made several months ago that I've already called to reschedule for later in the day.    Done!

One of the other decisions I've made is that I plan to wake up more mornings prepared to laugh a lot that day.   It sort of goes hand in hand with the first one.  It gives me more motivation to get my day started.   

I'm going to be working on my "Second Half List" more in the upcoming weeks. I only have roughly six weeks left of being a forty-something & I hope to have a comprehensive list of great things by my birthday!

On another note, my sweet hubby is bringing me on a great birthday trip to one of my favorite places to visit, New York City!  I LOVE that place. It makes me feel so alive.  The energy is palpable and I can't wait to be there during the holidays.  We plan to watch the lighting of the Christmas tree in Rockefeller Center, take in some great shows and do some shopping!  

Hope you all laugh a lot today.  I plan to!!

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  1. You have a great attitude. But you seem to always have a great attitude judging from your FB postings. I can't seem to embrace my empty nest, even after almost 5 years.

  2. It's hard to do L... I still struggle with it sometimes..but the grandkids help A LOT! Thanks for your comment! C


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