Sunday, June 3, 2012

Noche Caliente

Noche Caliente normally describes a June Saturday night in south Louisiana.    This week, if you were lucky enough, you could have spent it at Alex Box Stadium watching LSU's baseball team win a great game.  Or, like us, you could spend the evening hosting a couple's wedding shower with great friends, old & new.   We used a Mexican theme & served frozen margaritas, Mexican beer, along with a table full of awesome Mexican food!    I don't have a lot of the pictures yet, but below are some of the decorations I prepared using empty cans & a few inexpensive flowers.


One of my besties, Pam, drove in from Dallas and she & I (along with my tireless husband) worked from 6 AM Saturday until the last guests left around 10:30 PM.  Of course, the younger hosts & hostesses also worked hard as well but Pam & I are getting too old for this stuff.   We vowed that next time we'll rent a venue & write a check!    But over the years, after hosting many, many showers, I've learned that it's sort of like childbirth.  After time passes you seem to forget the pain & just remember the good stuff!    And last night the good stuff was flowing aplenty! 

The bride is a close childhood friend of both Pam's daughter, Brittany, & my son, Garrett.  They have been dear friends since preschool & the mother of the bride, Marcia,  is one of our besties as well.  (Not to mention that her siblings are like my own yungins.)    So whatcha gonna do?        

To our great surprise, we had a beautiful evening without too much heat.   It's been topping 100 degrees around these parts, but a small cool front blew in Thursday keeping the temperature in the 80's!  It made for a very comfortable outdoor patio party.     The groom's family drove in from New Orleans & we met lots of new friends!   They are good people & we enjoyed some great beverages, spicy food & lots of laughter.   The guys watched LSU's victory on the outside television.  The bride & groom were roasted with "The Almost Newlywed Game" and the guests enjoyed watching them squirm.    They received some great couple's gifts and, all in all, it was a huge success.

That being said.... I'm NEVER doing it again (or at least not until Pam's daughter, Jordan, gets married.  She's the baby of the bunch so maybe then I can hang up my hostess apron?).  Oh who am I kidding?  I'm sure it's just a matter of time.    Giving wedding showers, Louisiana style, is a great Southern tradition of allowing the bride&groom's families to meet before the wedding and helping provide the couple with what they need to begin their new life together.   I wouldn't give it up for anything! 

Until then, I'm heading in for a hot soak in the tub, a cold Corona & hopefully I can stay awake long enough to watch LSU knock off Oregon State.  GEAUX TIGERS!!

Take good care,

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